Cliff Goodson
Hollywood Casino - Joliet Hollywood Casino - Joliet
Joliet, Illinois
"Cliff Goodson"
I don't know how they can keep the doors open and have the tight slots they have. I haven't been here in well over a year and I frequently go to other Hollywood Casinos around the country. By far this one is the worst still. Don't count on winning here this is just a money Dumper in my opinion. The food still is well under par and the place is starting to look a little out of date for my standards. This location is permanently off my list for sure. I don't need to just throw my money away here. I don't need there cheap gifts to try and lure me back in. I've got many high roller friends in the area and now I'll take there word that this location has become even a bigger rip off for gaming. And it was so hot and muggy inside I had to leave with my 1000.00 still in my pocket. Goodluck Hollywood.