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Restaurant @ Santa Anita Park
"Steven James"
We set up an event with friends for the Kentucky Derby. We were at the Bud Light Lounge. What a HORRIBLE experience. This had NOTHING to do with our winnings but everything do do with the lack of customer service. They only had 1 waitress serving the entire room. When we would order drinks or food, it would take at least 45 minutes to get anything. And when it did come, in would not be all at once. Santa Anita track could have made so much more more in the had had they 1) multiple servers to assist us and 2) a person to clean up the place. There were empty pitchers and food trash on all tables. Totally disgusting and I am completely disappointed with my experience. Santa Anita Race Track, you should be ashamed. Such great memories as a child at this track are diminished by the ridiculous service. It would be so easy to create an excellent and positive experience for your customers. Not coming back unkess I hear changes are made.