Dan DanDanDan
MGM Grand Detroit Casino MGM Grand Detroit Casino
Detroit, Michigan
"Dan DanDanDan"
MGM Poker room has the dumbest rules ever. If you call someone on the river and they muck you have to show your hand or its a split pot. You can't talk or show your cards heads up. And it's not only that. The shufflers are not random. They are rigged to whomever they think will make the game better. I'm filing a complaint w the gaming commission today. When you complain to management they don't care and the dealers argue etc. They're so big on dumb rules but not stopping altercations or get into ones themselves w players. It's not legit/random cards and they have a million dumb rules so why play there? More examples..Even heads up in tournament you can't question a guy and in tournament you can't eat at the table but cash games you can. Its obvious the guy who runs the room never played poker in his life and is clueless and anal, and a cheater.