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May 10 '18 at 13:55

Sarah DiRocco

Cimarron Casino

Sarah DiRocco
OK folks, hold on to your butts, this gets a little bumpy. So we read the reviews, think awwws man, these guys are whiners. The food sounds good and we are hungry and bored. We go in, I'm a new member so I get $10, not bad. He plays, loses it all, $100 bucks oh well. I play just on free play, win $20. Hey! Alright! So now to the food. We order the chicken strip dinner. We wait for 20 min when we are approached by the counter girl who asked what we ordered as she lost our ticket. We let her know and another 15 min later we get our food. Looks great, start muching on the fries and cut into the chicken strips. Raw in the middle. Send it back, no apologies barely acknowledged the mistake. Send our new ones now 20 minutes later this time, less chicken strips and quiet frankly, over cooked. But hey, we walked out with $2 more than we came in with so whatever. Have fun and good luck!