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Apr 24 '18 at 19:37

Video Poker Bar

Ronald Courson
Went there for get away time. The slots were tight. I read their comment that they are competitive with other gambling establishments and this is true. I haven't found a casino yet that had loose slots. They advertise loose (not saying this place advertises loose slots just in general) but when you go in and throw away most of your money in 20 minutes it's anything but loose. I love the old machines but they keep putting in new games that you don't even know how to play. You might bring back some of the older machines for those of us who are slow. Lol I would also like to see special rates on weekends or for first timers. When room rates triple on weekends this stops me from traveling to places I'd like to go as weekends are the only time I can travel. These high prices keep me from trying out new places, thus, the business don't get my money. Sorry for being so talkative but I am just offering some information from a customer.