Miracle Mile Restaurant Miracle Mile Restaurant
Restaurant @ Harold Park
"Louise Spinks"
Selection of food was solid and varied and authentically Italian. Huge dining areas, perfect for entertaining large groups of 16 or so. They have a gorgeous section out the back that feels like home and an impressive garden with dining chair set up in the front. Our meals arrived quickly and the staff were lovely. Prices are very reasonable. The only reason I haven't given 5/5, is very odd. There was an older man there, wearing all blue, (maybe by the name of Arnie?) versus the women who mostly wore all black. In any case on a number of occasions I saw him speaking down to the women. Even then, my partner and I didn't pass judgment...until he seemed to grab one of the women's arms and tell her off on several occasions, almost dragging her to an area where some guests had just left. We couldn't tell what it was all about. The man always seemed friendly to us, but I've not seen women treated in this way in Sydney. If it wasn't for my partner and respect for the business I would have confronted this man about what I saw him do. I have such mixed feelings about this place. The food and staff were lovely, but I think I need to speak to this man if I'm to consider eating here again.