Bambu Grille and Sushi Bar
Restaurant @ Harrah's New Orleans Casino
"A Google User"
I recently dined at this restaurant and was not satisfied at all. I asked my waitress a question about an unclear item on the menu: "Is this item a sushi ROLL?" She said yes so I ordered it. When it arrived, it was a huge lump of crab meat salad...definitley NOT the ROLL I ordered. So, I kindly asked the waitress to remove that item from my bill b/c it was not what I ordered (I didn't touch it). She came back and said "Because the kitchen made it correctly, we will not remove it from the bill...sorry!" Stunned by her response, I explained that I'm sure it was made correctly but she told me it was a roll and that's the only reason I ordered it...she mislead me. I asked for the manager to come to the table to explain the situation. 45 minutes later the "assistant manager" came to the table and rudely asked what was wrong...when I explained everything and he offered to wrap the crab meat in a roll. I told him that the entire table was done eating...the food was cold...and that might have been an appropriate solution had he come when we asked for him. (There was only one other table being served at this time so they were not busy at all) So, he rudely told me again they were not going to remove the item from my bill...I demanded to see the manager at this point (mainly b/c of his rude attitude). Another 30 minutes went by and the RUDEST person on planet earth came out of the kitchen and started yelling that I was wasting his time and that he was not going to remove the item from my bill b/c it was made correctly! I thought a practical joke was being played on me at this point. This owner/manger was so rude to us that I told him "Sir, I'm going to post this experience on the internet and it's going to make people not want to dine here..." and he told me that he didn't care that I was not satisfied and he did not care if we ever came back again. Clearly he does not care about his customers and figures mostly tourist are at Harrah's and he just gets walk-in business- which is what we were. The food was average but the service was the worst EVER!! We even reported this to the Harrah's guest services and they have had complaints from customers but said there was nothing they can do b/c they have no business affiliation w/ this restaurant except that he rents a space there. Harrah's guest services did apologize though and said they were going to report the issues to their main office.