Stir Stir
Restaurant @ Harrah's Council Bluffs
"Jessica Simmons"
This place is a joke. My husband and I spent the weekend here and spent over 6500 dollars yet we were treated like scum. We had come up for the weekend because of not only mothers day, but it is our 2 year anniversary as well. After a weekend of blowing thousands of dollars on an ungrateful casino, we were trying to sleep off the alcohol before driving back home. We were harassed by security because we weren't "allowed" to sleep in our car there. Yet there are multiple other vehicles of people sleeping and they were not bothered. My husband, the only driver, and most intoxicated, was threatened and told we had to leave immediately. So now, we are driving aimlessly with my husband incredibly drunk because as paying customers we were not allowed to sleep in our car until we could safely drive back home in another state.