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Restaurant @ Majestic Star Casino
"A L Moxley"
I went to Majestic Star to see what it would be like to play a slot machine. I had a sandwich on the outside of the casino. Before I boarded the casino. The sandwich was delicious. The young lady who served me the sandwich was extremely friendly. I didn't stay at the hotel but things that I saw on the casino were unbelievable. The bus to take you over was extremely rusted out. No repairs have been done on that bus in years. The seats on the the casino were cracked, the carpet looked horrible nothing has been repaired in many years. Things looked as if they were not into keeping the upkeep of the business. I believe yearly repairs stopped when Mr. Barton died the original owner of Majestic Star Casino. Whoever owns the casino now has no love for the boat. I feel as if they purchased it for the money that they receive from it.