The bar
Restaurant @ Kickapoo Casino Shawnee
"Keith Warden"
Decent but had some issues....went here after some Sunday softball games with the family, always looking for another good restaurant that is not a chain. First, they have a decent appetizer menu especially for Sunday! So I was excited. We ordered mushrooms, fried pickles, potato skins, sliders and beef nachos and a chef salad. The waitress said that the nachos were big enough for two. I think she meant that if you have more than two people order more! Table service was decent but very slow, we ran out of drinks several times and the restaurant was not that busy. Food took like 30+ min to get served so with a starved crew after games this didn’t help. Food was good, except the sliders were burned when we received them, they did apologize and replaced them, replacement was still charred too much although definitely better. I know sliders are difficult to grill since they are smaller and burn easier. I happen to like juicy med-med well burgers. Nachos were very good, but so small that we should have ordered 3 of them for my crew of five. They charged us extra for bringing out another set of chips for us to finish the plate. In all, tasty food, a little surprised at the portions on most of the appetizers, very small! could be that they were smaller due to happy hour or something like that. Normally in my experience, small pubs serve the same size appetizers during Happy Hour as they do normally, so this was a disappointment. Not sure if I would return, definitely won’t order the appetizers again especially for a hungry crew! Other than and the sliders it was tasty.