Daniel Pittman
Texoma Travel Stop & Gaming
Kingston, Oklahoma
"Daniel Pittman"
My daughter stopped in today for a fill up at the ada location. She killed the car and got out. Put the nozzle into the fill neck. Squeezed the nozzle and put the hands free lever down like allways. Got back into the car because it was very cold outside. While setting in the car after a few minutes she started smelling fuel. She opened the door snd stepped out into a huge puddle of gas. She grabbed the nozzle and forced it to stop. She put the cap back on and shut the lid. Stepped away from the car and called me. Needless to say she was very mad. She had a little less then half a tank. Now this is a 2014 honda civic. Very small tank. It had put in and allover the side of the car $38.00 worth of fuel. She walked into the store and told the young and Very rude girl at the counter that there pump had dumped fuel everywhere. She says. NOT ARE RESPONSIBILITY. she told her that they need to close that pump and put something down. Well here is some cat litter you can go put it down. She told them to have the msnager call me asap. She called me back and said the complete under the car on the concrete was covered. Side to side and front to rear. I told her to do not start and put it in nuetral and push it forward away from the gas. Then start it up and get away from that place. DO NOT EVER GO BACK. and tell everyone at college . The manager called and said the same thing the girl said. I have owned my business for 27 years. If they worked for me they would be on the unemployment list. Not only is this a very dangers problem. But not to even care about customer saftey. I ran a full service station for three years. I know how this works. I dont even care about the money loss. ITS THE SAFTEY OF CUSTOMERS. how much do they think my daughters life is worth?