Angel Vallejos
Casino Royale
Sacramento, California
"Angel Vallejos"
I stayed at Best Western Royal hotel for my wedding and vacation. The day of my wedding become uneasy. I was running late for finishing off getting ready. I go to the room and for some reason for card wasn’t working. I couldn’t get into my room. I started freaking out knowing that time is just flying by. I ran down to front desk. Of course there was a line waiting to check in. I went over to front desk to ask for another key. (It wasn’t for him to drop everything and stop doing what he was doing) I was asking letting him know hopefully after he is done with the customers he can generously help out soon to be bride. I worked as a front desk agent for many years. I know how fast it is to simply give customer new key. Sadly, his reaction was it wasn’t his problem. He didn’t reply. This front desk agent was named Allen by the way. All he had to do was to reassure me that he will try his best to get the keys and try to accommodate me. I thought by staying in Vegas hotel, I would be treated better since I was staying at there hotel for my wedding along with many friends and family. Housekeeping on the other hand was way more help than front desk agent Allen. Thank you housekeeping for understanding how important my time was for my wedding day. Just because of housekeeping, I gave this hotel 3 stars. I hate writing bad reviews but I don’t like people that have jobs that seem misrible to them. When I worked as front desk agent, I made sure that all my customers felt special even if I couldn’t accommodate everything for them. For some reason I didn’t call back from request to speak to front desk manager. I never got a call back so I guess my complaint didn’t mean anything.