The Prime Rib Loft The Prime Rib Loft
Restaurant @ The Orleans
"Mathew Williams"
My wife and I had been staying at the Orleans while visiting Vegas. We decided to try the Prime Rib Loft, on a Saturday. We had to wait 45 mins.(understandable). So we hit the blackjack tables to kill some time. After losing our asses we headed up to the loft drinks in hand. We were sat right away but noticed our server was acting weird. After a short time we realized that she was just being plain rude!!!! She wouldn’t even make eye contact with us when asking our order!!!! She was even glaring at us from around the corner!!!! Even the manager would skip our table every time he made his rounds!!!!!! They were nice to everyone else what the heck!!! Was it because we brought our drinks up? I thought this is Vegas!!!! We have NEVER received such horrible service in our lives!!! Our servers name was Angelica, but she was anything but trust me!!!!