Yavapai Cantina Sports Grill Yavapai Cantina Sports Grill
Restaurant @ Yavapai Casino
"vicki taylor"
I have been a long time local who has spent lots of money at both the top and bottom casinos. I have stopped going as the majority of the waitresses are nasty and disrespectful. This includes the bartenders who have been there for years. They all complain how miserable they are but they stay for the benefits. The management will not do anything because these waitresses are dependable and show up on time.They may be dependable, but they have the worst customer service ever. It's just not me. I have spoken to so many other locals who have stop going and are now going to cliff castle. Yes, there prices have gone up and they have taken away all the entertainment, but the majority of my time is gambling. So why keep spending my hard earned money for crappy service. There are a couple of great waitresses, unfortunately they are not always there when I am there.