Pearl's Oyster Bar Pearl's Oyster Bar
Restaurant @ Ameristar Casino Hotel - Kansas City
"Heather Sandling lotheriel79"
The best Casino in Kansas City!! The atmosphere is one you can easily spend hours in. The table game folks are always pleasant and ready to help you learn a new game, and cheer you on when you win. Ameristar does a good job of letting a little money keep you playing for quite a while, so there is never a need to go broke or spend your life savings. Go in with what you would spend at a movie or a nice dinner and enjoy a night of entertainment. There is a hotel so should you have a nice night with a few drinks there is no need to leave. Multiple wonderful restaurants, one of which being a brewery that is unmatched in KC. A movie theater and a child play place with attendees and child care. A game arcade and a gift shop.. we have often not only made this a date night favorite, but also a nice location for a family night out. Its like having a nice safe, clean Vegas right here at home.