Park Café
Restaurant @ Royal Caribbean International - Splendour of the Seas
"Mark Thornton"
Reading other reviews I see a common theme --one which we experienced, too. The promise x% off and don't deliver and the service was weak. That aside, I had their 16oz ribeye wi mushrooms and I have to say it was up there as. Neath rest steaks I've ever had. In fact, all the food we got for there that night was absolutely fantastic. The biggest downfall of this place was the location. We sat outside and throughout the entire meal there were what I describe as thugs waltzing through the eating area dance and trying to make out with anything and everything that was breathing within a close proximity --it was entertaining at first, but soon lost its funny side. If I as rating jut on food, this restaurant sound have been given a 5/5, it really was good. In fact, I would eat he again if I was back there.