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Apr 25 '18 at 18:45

The Paddock Club

I lived at this place for 13 months and the last 11 were hell. The tenants above me raised hell from usually about noon until as late as 3-4 am playing with their dog - a young pit bull. I felt sorry for the dog because this was all the exercise it ever got. It sounded like a cattle stampede on my ceiling. So if your planning to move here either live on the 3rd floor or STAY AWAY - because the management will NOT help you in any way and neither will JSO. There is one person in the office that is helpful and actually comes off as a real person and not some automaton. Her name is Stephanie (and she's the ONLY factor to raise the rating from 1 star to 2) The rest of them simply don't care about anything other than getting the apartment rented, and trust me, the lease is lengthy and IRON-CLAD and TOP DOLLAR for what you get. There is one maintenance guy who seems somewhat competent. However the maintenance staff in general looks something like a gang of bikers - no uniforms - no I.D's while the office staff, in their all black ensembles, look much like undertakers. The grounds are a trashy mess and dog poo is EVERYWHERE and as only about 15% (if that) of the dog owners bother picking up after their pets, and there are NO breed restrictions. The trash can was removed from the one mail station in the whole complex "because no one used it" Well, no one used it because it rarely got emptied. There is only one dumpster/compactor on the grounds as well. But to be fair, a large percentage of tenants there are by and large, pigs - and that's putting it kindly. The windows in the apartments are single pane and during inclement weather will sweat enough to make the whole area around them wet. Utility bills can be high, in large part because you water heater is usually in an outside "storage closet" (it "stores" the WH and that's about it) and you have to run about 5-7 gallons of water before it BEGINS to get warm. Paddock Club is a perfect example of everything that can go wrong when large corporations (Mid America Apartments aka MAA) own the place you're trying to live in. The entire place seems to have a somewhat dark, ominous energy. I now live in a place with much better surroundings and have nearly enough rent $$ left over to make my car payment. Oh, and you can depend on a rent increase when your lease is up.