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Feb 2 '18 at 17:47

Rick's Cafe

John G. Lewis
A classic western hotel that is a no miss for travelers along highway US 95. Not a large inn, but solidly built during the town's rush days... Tonopah was, and really is, one of the great mining towns of the west: very notable and scenic in the high desert of Nevada. The food was very good, but I thought could be somewhat better. The wine options, however, for an inn in the middle of the Great Basin, was superb. The atmosphere was excellent, and the service was very good. One other point: the rooms are very nicely appointed, and I stayed in one of their suites. It featured one of the most comfortable beds I ever slept in. The suite was really very nice, and much appreciated. A final point here is that there is rumour that this inn is haunted... as there had been some deaths and even murders many years ago... I experienced some unusual sensations, actually, and will not gainsay anything along this line.... This therefore is really a great old hotel with a lot of atmosphere and character, not to be missed...!