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May 20 '18 at 5:16

Dane Warren

M Resort Spa Casino

Dane Warren
I was just cheated on a craps table at The M Casino. I always drop my dice to get the point before throwing. I had been doing well and feeling good. The pit boss suddenly stops me when getting ready to roll and says, you cannot flip your dice forward. I told him I have done this for thirty years and and nobody has ever told me that. I told him I'm just dropping the dice I'm not throwing them. And he said you can't do that. I really think they were trying to throw me off. And they did. Next roll was a 7 out. And then it continued until I had lost my winnings. He threw off my good mood and my roll. What difference does it make? I was not even rolling. I believe I was just setup. Lesson learned. These places should not be able to get away with that, but they do