Cherries Grill Cherries Grill
Restaurant @ Grand Casino Hinckley
"Catherine Hunt"
My husband and I started coming to Hinckley around 23 years ago. We have a camper and had been all over the state and then found Hinckley! We loved the campground, the nice sites, the beautiful pool, wonderful restaurants and Kid's Quest! We could finally go camping, drop our kid off, have dinner and a cocktail "alone" for a bit and MaMa could go gambling! Well, that's all changed....I don't know who's running the show these days but boy have they missed the boat. The outside pool heater has not worked for going on the second year and that's my husband's favorite thing to do. (He also checked out the "new" inside pool and said it was small and not heated) We just found out they decreased their staff of shuttle drivers and now will not have shuttles past midnight on weekdays, really? Does the casino close at midnight? Do they want you to leave? There is also decreased shuttle service on weekend days also. They screwed up big time on the new restaurants!!!!!! Personally, I was not a buffet person but the new concept was proven a flop! Now they have brought the buffet back because they say "WE" spoke and wanted it mean you screwed up and no one came so you HAD to bring it back. The Grand Grille which was my favorite place is gone and in it's place is the now obsolete "craft" beer bar/restaurant. Excuse me, nobody up north gives a dang about craft beer. You screwed up the menu and have basically bar fare food. (My husband had a dried out hamburger with an egg on top with a HARD yolk.) The place echo's like mad and the chairs screech on the floor every time somebody moves one. We also had the prime rib which was of poor quality, stringy and dry. The chicken wings which are now smoked were awful and the macaroni and cheese were noodles with some cold cheese sprinkled on top. Personally, I think they have kids, not chefs cooking. The casino "used" to give food comps and were very generous but now you can drop a few hundred a night and maybe get a dollar's worth of comps. Cheap skates! They also "used" to serve free drinks if you were gambling but they took that away and now charge outrageously for drinks. It also seems like they depleted their cleaning staff...when I was there beer bottles, ashes etc. were all over the place. They are also adding extra charges here and there on if you come early, leave late, don't return your key card etc. All in all, the casino no longer deserves the FIVE star rating it USED to have. I am not alone in this review. We have a gang of campers and many many friends who have frequented this casino and this is what EVERYONE says. All in all, it's very disappointing coupled with the fact that you can't win either! I know you can't win every time but you may as well just burn your money at the door because you can't sit there with a hundred dollar bill past a half an hour. (Not just me either). So, I guess I've spoken my piece about how Hinckley "not" Grand "anymore" Casino has gone down the tubes. We used to come up there at least five to ten weekends a year plus vacations not to mention some winter outings in the hotel but that will now have to be our past and not our future. We'll be cancelling our future reservations. I don't know where we'll go because Hinckley was the best but I do know one thing, I am insulted by how they now treat their loyal customers. There seems to be no respect to the people that have supported the Tribe ALL these years. P.S. Taking the chicken fried steak off the menu, big mistake! (P.S. You really screwed up when you took the chicken fried steak off the menu! Stories' is awful too!)