Hawk's Tavern Hawk's Tavern
Restaurant @ Red Hawk Casino
"Michael C."
This Casino is enormously popular for the area. It has an excellent selection of slot machines, and it is very convenient to Highway 50 with its own exit and plenty of parking; however, it does not have a resort feeling like can be found for those who are not too lazy to drive to Lake Tahoe. I also find the amount of smoke in this place to be bothersome, and while there is a small smoke-free casino downstairs, it has a poor selection of games, and you have to walk through all the smoke upstairs to reach it down the escalator. The physical casino is well maintained, but the patrons who frequent this place provide less than a high-class atmosphere. As far as food is concerned, it has a variety ranging from Excellent to mediocre. Pearl Asian Cuisine (Chinese Food that is upstairs in the back corner) is Excellent. Henry's Steak House (downstairs) is Expensive and Excellent. The Waterfall buffet (downstairs) is O.K. It has a good variety of food, but none that is great quality. I find most casino buffets to be better. Koto (downstairs) has a menu with a great variety, and it is the only place open late at night; however, I find it to be only mediocre. The burger place upstairs is also just mediocre, and I am sad that it replaced a burger place that was really good! A hidden gem is the food at the high-limit bar. This is a one-chef show with a limited menu and limited seating, but I find the food to be very good for the price.