Concession Stand Concession Stand
Restaurant @ Gillespie County Fairgrounds
"Brandon Martin"
Awesome experience! Took the family to watch a double feature and had a great time! The staff is super nice, the food is good and the entire site is well laid out and taken care of. We had a pop up shower as the first movie started and the staff stayed out in the rain to help everyone with getting set up for their visit (interior lights out, hatches tied down etc.) During the movie (mostly during the second film) A few people left so you have to deal with headlights or tail lights for a moment; or you may have someone hit their brake pedal and the lights flash in your face. It might be a little distracting but it's about the equivalent of someone coming in or out at a indoor theatre. After the movie, a staff member asked if we enjoyed the show, I told them it was our first visit (or trip to a drive in ever.)It turns out he is the owner of the drive in, so we talked for a second (super nice guy) so I was able to tell him what a great experience we had. So if it seems a little far out to go movie watching, it's time well spent. (You can't rally put a drive in near the city with all the noise and light polloution) We will definitely be coming back.