Cherries Grill Cherries Grill
Restaurant @ Grand Casino Hinckley
"John Keymer"
Grand Casino Hinckley renovated recently, expanding it's gaming floor, revamping their dining offerings, and improving the quality and decor of their hotel accommodations. It's not as lavishly designed or decorated as, for example, Mystic Lake Casino, but is more modern than Treasure island Casino and has much more modest pricing for the variety of it's amenities in comparison to both of it's competitors. From my experience and perspeftve, their slot gaming floor has a plentiful and varied selection of titles and denominations relative to the size of the facility, and a recent trip pointed out a number of times I hadn't found at competing casinos. I will say in terms of criticism I don't much care for their player loyalty program,; from their promotions or complimentary offerings to the machines constantly badgering you to use the player card or having to match dollar for dollar to consume your earned points it generally left a poor impression of their choice in implementation.