The colorful artist
Colorado Belle Casino Resort & Microbrewery Colorado Belle Casino Resort & Microbrewery
Laughlin, Nevada
"The colorful artist"
I normally don't give ones to places but they deserve it. We came looking for a hotel and stopped here. For only being 67 dollars a night it did not seem so bad. We came inside and the lady asked us to pay, so we handed her $67 and she said the price was $101 dollars a night. We have her the money and went to our room. I go to grab a towel and it was dirty. The tub was too. We sat on our bed and I almost broke my butt it was so hard. To calm our angry selves down we turned on the tv. None of the channels were working. Then we came to see the pool hoping that it would occupy us. Well as soon as we saw it there were 3 major problems. First it was extremely small. Second the water was green not clear. Third the door to outside in there was so rusted it looked like it was painted in rust. The next morning we went down to get breakfast. The Orange juice needed to be filled because it was so watered down. I got a waffle but as soon as I tried it all it tasted like was flour and baking soda mixed together. We go back to the room to eat and we all agreed on one thing. That no one should go to this hotel.