Emily's Fine Dining Emily's Fine Dining
Restaurant @ Quinault Beach Resort & Casino
"Chris Gerber"
Came in with my wife for an evening of casual entertainment. We were attempting to get on a blackjack table with a lady who was playing multiple hands. I was of the understanding that a person playing more than one spot had to relinquish to players attempting to join the table. What ended up transpiring was far from accommodating or respectful. It was like the cameras and employees were focused on funneling her money into their coffins as apposed to being a customer service oriented establishment. We ended up getting a spot at that table, not without some words. They ended up having someone follow me around until I had settled elsewhere. Guess who won a $1000 raffle! The lady playing multiple hands! The whole thing felt staged and dirty. I have not been back since with my wife, and likely never will be.