World's Fare Buffet World's Fare Buffet
Restaurant @ Monarch Casino Black Hawk
"Amber Vanschoiack"
We haven't been to Black Hawk in years. Our family who went up with us suggested the Monarch Casino. The shuttle driver was professional and kind. Upon entering the casino, the appearance was inviting(Even with construction). I enjoyed the self-service drink stations ( I was the DD). All the staff we encountered was professional and kind. There was only one slot machine that was out of order. I'm not sure if it was just luck, but our entire group was able to play for hours, and my husband and I both left with our pockets a little heavier then when we arrived! Because it was our first time at the Monarch, we were given complimentary buffets. This was the only disappointment. Our server, was a little screwy. She was sniffing and said she was itchy, but also stated she wasn't contagious. Then after she served our drinks, she decided to take a load off and sat down with us. She spoke about how much she has to work due to being short staffed and how high the turnover rate is. She was friendly but odd. The food itself was ok. We all agreed we would probably never pay cash for the buffet. It will be interesting to see the casino and hotel when it's all complete.