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May 14 '18 at 2:47
Paradise Garden Buffet

Paradise Garden Buffet

go get the cold smoked salmon it was wonderful I wish I got five or six plates of it there are plenty of meat options so if you're vegetarian this might not be the best place for you my wife didn't like it because of this however I liked it I thought it was wonderful selection of different items we went in the breakfast time so it might be different when you go I love the different alcohol free drinks you can get. When I say alcohol-free I mean no price. I don't normally like alcohol so they were really well done but not the best I've had but what do you expect for a buffet it was a Great Buffet I'm glad I went but unfortunately because of the cold smoked salmon I rank it has the highest buffet went to the desserts were really well done as well. The pictures I have here outside of the buffet but you can watch the animals as you eat which was quite Pleasant you can see koi ducks and flamingos and other birds they have a nice selection of parrots that you can pay money to take pictures with.