Amber Berglund
Belterra Park Gaming Belterra Park Gaming
Cincinnati, Ohio
"Amber Berglund"
I think if your high roller room is filled with $5 slots, the restaurant should probably go with a provincial theme. It’s too “fancy” for its own good. It should just be a Denny’s...because the food was not good. The menu is full of pricey steaks, and a limited pasta selection. I ordered the lasagna. The lasagna was so salty it insulted my outfit and criticized my life choices. The lasagna was so salty that it overpowered the fennel in the sausage. Lasagna, as I understand the dish, should be layers of contrasting flavors, that include herbs, and maybe garlic. There should be some salt, to enhance the flavors that are there, but it shouldn’t be the dominating flavor. You shouldn’t feel like you might have a stroke while you are eating it. My waiter told me that people generally aren’t able to finish the dish, but his impression seemed to be that it was because of the sheer quantity of the dish. I didn’t finish it. Because there wasn’t enough water on the table to make finishing it possible. Also, my aim wasn’t self-mummification. Someone with tastebuds needs to try that lasagna and maybe google some recipes to change what they serve to their diners. That dish was not worth $18. Maybe if they brought in better games, have at least some video poker, or blackjack, or any game that requires a modicum of skill that didn’t immediately put your brain to sleep, they would raise more money and start serving better lasagna.