Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower
Las Vegas, Nevada
In A Nutshell: -The Stratosphere is a pretty cool place to check out if you want a nice 360 degree view of Las Vegas. -My wife and I decided to take some Vegas first timers to the Stratosphere. -I'm so glad we did b/c it was actually the first time I've actually checked it out myself. -You get some really nice, clear views of the entire Las Vegas valley. -If you want to save some money on tickets, you should sign up for the Stratosphere player's card b/c this will give you a very discounted rate. -There are also some very fun rides at the very top of the tower. -If you enjoy that "high" stomach-in-your-mouth sensation, then this is the place to do it! Overall, this is a nice place to check at least once while you are in Las Vegas.