The Grill The Grill
Restaurant @ WinStar World Casino
"Melissa Carman"
Firstly I’d like to say my wife and I have frequented this establishment many times and the food has always been good however, the service can be hit or miss. I say that to say this...never ever again. Our food was delicious as usual. Our service was absolutely horrible. Apparently my waiter really wanted to be a bartender because I had the pleasure of watching him serve other patrons, make drinks, and do anything but wait on our table. I had to get the attention of three different people to get the things I needed. Also, I asked three times, two different individuals to please put the College Women’s World Series on ONE tv. Just ONE. The game was well underway when they finally did put it on, then to my surprise another patron threw a fit because it wasn’t the Rangers game. The game that was on two other TVs in front of him. So he complained and what do they do? Of course they immediately put the Rangers game on a third tv. Never. Ever. Again.