Emeril Lagasse's New Orleans Fish House Emeril Lagasse's New Orleans Fish House
Restaurant @ MGM Grand Las Vegas
"Joe Thomas"
Servers are good, drinks are good.... but when I went it was happy hour. I ordered tuna poke and crab cake. The tuna was on special and when I got it, the tuna was clearly old. I was on my phone so I didn’t visually inspect the tuna... had 1 bite and it was very fishy. Then I looked and it and it had an old shimmer/look to it. The crab cake was ok but at that point I was trying to figure out how much of a gamble my belly with rotten tuna was involved in. I came out to play the WSOP and didn’t want to be worried about getting food poisoning. A review I read earlier ab this place said the tuna was rotten but I figured it was a fluke. Nope. They need to inspect their food better.