Ri’ Ra’ Irish Pub & Restaurant Ri’ Ra’ Irish Pub & Restaurant
Restaurant @ Tropicana Atlantic City Casino & Resort
"The Shadow"
NEVER NEVER GO HERE - IF YOU ARE IRISH or "REAL" AMERICAN THIS IS ANOTHER - FAKE IRISH BARS LIKE THE ONES IN TIMES SQUARE AREA OWNED BY SPANISH VAMPIRE GYPSY - ITALIANS OCCULT NAZIs FROM - THE BLACK FORREST OF GERMANY WORKING FOR - NAZI ODESSA I sent in 'operatives" who appear to be "irish" or american "german" And they FOUND NO IRISH PEOPLE in this bar Only SCARY SCARY - Russian, German, East Indian and Middle Eastern Pptrons ALLEGEDLY - "Looking" for REAL AMERICANS to attack - in the bar AS - THE TROPICANA is NOW - Under IINVESTIGATION for RACIAL and AGE DISCRIMINATION by HARASSING BLACK and PUERTO RICAN - SECURITY GUARDS targetting OLDER WHITE MEN or U.S. VETERAN's Who BLACK ARTS - OCCULTIST RACES such as SANTERIA VOODOO - Puerto Ricans many "suspected" of BEING = RUSSIAN SLEEPER AGENTS who "appear" to be ORANGE SKINNED KLINGON - LOOKING PUERTO RICANS who are from BREEDING PROGRAMS in RUSSIA "pretending" to be ISLAND PUERTO RICANS And Blacks - who "hate" WHITE AMERICAN in the first place but many in institutions such as HOSPITALS or OFFICE BUILDING SECURITY GUARDS in NYC Area along with FILIPINOs and EAST INDIANS are WEST AFRICA BLACKS who practices SANTERIA VOODOO By ACPD and FBI-Philadelphia WARNING Many Many Customers of Tropicana AC are wearing SPY MILITIA - CLOTHING in Black + Grey Colorrs like many in NYC - Manhattan area that "now" "reports" NO AMERICANS on MANHATTAN ISLAND or NEW YORK CITY area with some exceptions in QUEENS and tHE BRONX DO NOT GO THIS THIS CASINO IF YOU ARE A "REAL" AMERICAN or IRISH AMERICAN or GERMAN AMERICAN - NON OCCULIST SEE MOVIES No Way Out The Long Kiss Goodnight SEE TV Cable Series The Americans Homeland WARNING America is under ATTACK by the REVERSE UN INVASION Attacking people in Italian owned Pizzeria and Restaurants IRISH Bars Discos Sex Clubs Apartment Buildings Condo Buildings Real Estate Offices And Vacation Resorts Ski Mountian Resorts Beach Resorts such as Seaside Heights NJ and Theme Parks and CASINOS ATLANTIC CITY and VEGA