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Jun 9 '18 at 5:30

Raajkumar Subramaniam

The River Card Room

Raajkumar Subramaniam
This place used to be lively when it was the Arena Sports bar with awesome DJ nights. Now it is more a gambling place. The worst part is that the service here sucks now. The staff do not even bother to ask if you need anything. I went there on a Thursday night and again on a Friday night. First time I walked out after waiting for the bartender for more than 10 mins. The second time, I waited long enough for the bartender to pay attention to me. Then asked her why it took her a very long time. She simply replied that I am sitting on the wrong side. Really? There were hardly ten folks seated around in the bar. Is it that difficult to provide a decent service to ten folks seated on a bar that can easily seat more than thirty?