Puck Express
Restaurant @ Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs
"MCSawicki Videos"
I was a customer last night just before closing. The men working were loud and unprofessional. Then, the most hideous thing happened. One worker actually put his thumb up his nose after getting bumped in the nose by something--he was laughing and made sure everyone saw his thumb up his nose. Then, he proceeded to take the fries from the basket and fill my container (no gloves). THEN....he actually reached his BARE hand into the parsley flakes and used that bare hand to sprinkle the flakes onto my fries. This is the same hand that had just been all over his face including his nose. But even if it wasn't....I would think that all food service workers by now would know the health codes about touching people's food. I left the fries there. The register was closed by this point so I didn't get my refund, but at least I didn't consume this contaminated food. He said his name was John.