Lisa Austin
Golden Nugget - Laughlin Golden Nugget - Laughlin
Laughlin, Nevada
"Lisa Austin"
Wow talk about one of the most amazing restaurants I've ever been to. This place is so good I would seriously drive 4 hours to go to dinner here. They have everything from sweet tea to alcoholic beverages and they have a full bar. They have many televisions around which are always displaying sports games. They have bread which always comes out fresh from the oven. They also have a big selection of appetizers but my favorite ones are the Rattlers which are shrimp wrapped in cheese and jalapenos. The other good one for sharing is the Texas fries. They have cheese guacamole sour cream bacon onions and so on all topped on potatoes which get dipped in ranch. They have very big meals so my husband and I usually split a steak and just add an extra salad. Their salads are always fresh and crisp and the dressings are always good and cold. They also have an amazing selection of desserts but the best one is the cheesecake. You definitely need to share this sucker with other people because it is dense and so delicious unfortunately it fills you up after a few bites. All in all the staff has been great every time we have been there and we go every time we are in town! One of the best restaurants I have ever been to in this price range.