Evangeline Downs Racetrack and Casino Evangeline Downs Racetrack and Casino
Opelousas, Louisiana
Where I am from, the racetrack is not somewhere you take your children. There is a certain dress code that you need to abide by and the caliber of people are a little higher. We went here and there were people in shorts, jeans, tennis shoes. I found out after we left that there is a clubhouse on a higher floor, and apparently that's where we needed to try and go. But I quite enjoy going out to the paddocks to look at the horses before I pick mine for the race. There are only a few rows of stadium-style metal bleachers, but all on the same ground level to sit on and when you sit down there are so many people up against the fence that you can't even see the horses. In the future I will definitely go to the clubhouse if I go back here, in the future I think I will just try and find a higher class race track.