Diane Deleo
del LAGO Resort and Casino del LAGO Resort and Casino
Waterloo, New York
"Diane Deleo"
Hotel wonderful staff very nice. The last times we went took over 1 1/2 hour to go though the buffet line we stop yesterday with 5 of us 2 new gamblers and buffet line was longer than the last time so we went to Vine and ate our friends left to go somewhere else they are both gamblers you lost money and not sure if they will be back i won a free buffet but not waiting in line our other friend one a tee shirt she stood in line a long time to find out you had 2 shirts left and they wouldn't fit her so she walked away with nothing and was told if it did not fit than Don't take it IF You Are giving something away make sure they can use it or it fits. Do something with your buffet you have a lot of people standing and waiting when they could be gambling tables empty or full of dishes both times we where there only 2 girls checking people in not enough. Sad nice place just needs more training and you should be out asking how thing are so you know what to fix we like this place but getting harder to go here when you friends want to go to a different casino