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Nov 27 '17 at 20:32

Roarin' Camp Saloon

This bar definitely doesn’t live up to its name and if it wasn’t for their location I couldn’t see them being in business. I’d imagine this would only be a good bar to go to after church. Very boring atmosphere and unprofessional staff. I had an incident where my wallet was stolen and had a DMV print out for identification and numerous bank cards and school ID with my name & picture, Also I don’t really look that young in my opinion. I’m always very respectful going into bars being a bartender myself and was told they couldn’t serve me without proper government issued ID even though I came in with a friend that was a regular. I understand if this is their company policy but I was lied to about the laws when they stated it’s against the law to be in a bar without government issued ID and they could be fined $6000 for me just being in there if a government official were to happen to come in. Like I said being a bartender myself this is absolutely ridiculous especially when I am very nice and respectful person. So I left. Only thing I recommend about this bar is that, they have an early morning pool table available (only 1 table, even though there is plenty of empty space for more). They are very novice and stand-offish towards non-regulars even though I’ve been here before.