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Colosseum Casino and Hotel Colosseum Casino and Hotel
"thomas brunet"
I know they remodeled this casino but there's honestly not much other than the LINQ promenade. The high roller isn't that cool, but I guess if you want to do it you can. The view is cool for about 15 minutes and then the rest of the time you are just looking at the roof of buildings, which really isn't aesthetic. Rooms were renovated but obviously aged. I believe they are still working on renovations. Until then, I will update my review once the renovations are done and hopefully I stay at the LINQ! I honestly can't say I will, though. Had a bad experience parking too. I was 1 minute late on the meter because the person in front of me was having difficulty getting out of the parking lot. I wasn't reimbursed for anything, which is frustrating because I made sure I left early to ensure that I would have free parking! Oh, and this was after my check out so I wasn't able to get free parking!