Louie's Lounge Louie's Lounge
Restaurant @ Mardi Gras Casino
"dora perry"
I went to check out the new "Big Easy" Casino. Don't waste your time yet. They aren't ready after almost a year. No tournaments in the card room. Slot floor doesn't have as many machines and what they do have are the old ones. It is dark inside and in the outside parking lot lights are not in good shape. New players cards don't work in most of the machines but the old ones still do. After walking the floor to observe the action, I didn't see much in the way of bonuses happening. People were shoving more and more money in the machines without any real wins. I didn't stay. Also for the first day of the slot floor to be open since the hurricane I kind of expected friendly smiling employees greeting returning guests. That wasn't happening much either. Maybe they will improve by next year. I will give them some more time and take another look. There is too much competition for them out there. They shouldn't have re-opened if they weren't ready.