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Restaurant @ Golden Nugget - Atlantic City
"joe mariella bruzzi"
Love this place. Has a little bit of everything. But be careful booking through Expedia or any other booking site. I did and got totally screwed out of a lot of money and they wouldn't or couldn't refund me for 2 weeks!!!!! I flipped out and after almost an hour of back and forth they refunded me in 2 days. But flagship is cute, great rooms no matter what the size. Pool, little movie theater with movie showings. Restaurants and cafe. Little gift shop and every room has one or 2 balconies. Clean. Little eat in kitchens and robes!!!! I've stayed in the winter and in the spring. Both were great! Love this place to get away from the typical casino atmosphere but you're still a long walk or a short cab ride away from it all. Gorgeous views from the balconies. The entire ocean and all of a.c.