Jamal Washington
MGM Grand Detroit Casino MGM Grand Detroit Casino
Detroit, Michigan
"Jamal Washington"
My issue with this place is that they don't ensure customer satisfaction like they say in their mission statement. I visited 2 weeks ago and before I went to play the slots, I went to their Michigan Lottery machine to play some numbers. The machine accepted my money without any issue, but I wasn't able to choose any of the games or numbers. I asked the nearby security guard who I can talk to in regard to this issue, he phoned around until finally getting in touch with the cashier's cage. They confirmed that I'll have to talk to them. So I walked all the way on the other side and after a 10 minute wait, a manager finally came out. As I was explaining my issue, the look on his face was that of a person who is not interested in helping me take care of this issue. I even showed proof that I took from my phone. So after repeating the issue 3 times and writing it down on a piece of paper, he told me, "Well, I'll have to call the Michigan Lottery office and they'll send someone out here, probably tomorrow, I don't know. We can't just give you your money off the bat. It'll have to be investigated" So I gave them my name, number, and he made a copy of my driver's license. I'm thinking they're going to take care of me. Just so happened that the next morning I got curious and I went back up there, the machine was back in order. It had no signs saying it was out of order or anything. It's been a couple of weeks since this incident and no phone call. Therefore, they're thieves in my eyes.