Lindy G
del LAGO Resort and Casino del LAGO Resort and Casino
Waterloo, New York
"Lindy G"
Saw a show at The Vine (Mini Kiss!), played a few casino games, stayed in the hotel & overall had an absolute blast! The Vine is a nice little venue with comfy seating & drink holders in fold down arm rests. The casino games were alright. We've been to Finger Lakes & actually like the games they have a little better, but Del Lago has table games, too (craps, blackjack, etc), which Finger Lakes does not, so both are great casinos. The hotel was great! The room was very clean, sleek & updated & the bed was SO comfortable. We were given a glass of champagne as we were checking in (nice touch!) & the the staff we encountered were extremely polite & they all went above & beyond to make sure we were enjoying ourselves! We'll definitely go back again sometime!