White House Sub Shop White House Sub Shop
Restaurant @ Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
"Tina Liu"
Seems to be always busy, the subs are pretty big and reasonably priced although the prices have gone up. I do like the local feel type of atmosphere. Usually there a line to be seated. Side note: I obviously do not hold the shop in anyway responsible I just want to tell this story. So we came into the shop and we were told to wait in the outside area which we did. A table opened up and this trashy fat white lady pushes in front of me and says they got there first so I try to defend us saying we were obviously in front of her. Then she talks to me like I am dumb (probably because I am Asian), then looks up to my bf (as if he were the almighty god himself) and decides to nicely talk to him. We didn't want to argue so we let her family go first. Anyway long story short keep an eye out on where you were in line.