Alison Outhwaite
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"Alison Outhwaite"
Corfu Holiday Palace has a lot going for it. A salt water main pool, two smaller outside pools (fresh water) and an indoor pool. The main pool of course gets very busy and you can struggle to get a deck chair. I was lucky enough to be staying in one of the 'bungalows' which looks out over one of the smaller pools. Others rarely used it or the surrounding deck chairs so it's great if you want something a bit quieter. There's also the 'private' beach, which was okay. The sea here was enclosed by rocks and a peer so the water right by the beach was somewhat murky. If you swim out beyond the rocks it clears up. I think it was around €4 to rent a chair and umbrella here for the day, which I didn't realise at first. Key thing to keep in mind is this hotel is right next to the runway, and the bungalows in particular face the direction of the runway (not in view but the noise is more extreme). Personally I didn't mind this at all and it was even quite nice watching the planes come and go, but they start early and finish late, so I strongly advise earplugs. The food was good and there was a decent variety. Breakfast and dinner is buffet style and there were vegetarian options. I sometimes found it a little difficult to get waiters' attention to order drinks. Two highlights for me were: 1) The spa. I ended up getting 2 massages during my stay and they were both heavenly. The ladies here know what they're doing! I recommend their 80 minute 'signature' massage. 2) The divers club located on the beach. They're not directly associated with the hotel, but I recommend any hotel guests check these guys out. They offer scuba diving lessons and you can rent kayaks from them, both of which I did and hugely enjoyed both experiences. The guys here were also super friendly and helpful. This hotel won't be everyone's cup of tea - it's aimed a lot toward the older crowd or those just wanting to relax, not for people wanting a party. The noise from the airport can also count as a big hindrance to some. I liked it, but personally wouldn't consider it 5-star as it is rated.