Nora Weston
Choctaw Casino Resort Choctaw Casino Resort
Durant, Oklahoma
"Nora Weston"
Loved, loved, loved this visit! As a new trucker I would travel up US69 almost 4 times a month and would stop, game, and win too. Since changing companies I haven't traveled their way in a year plus. I had the opportunity to stop this load so I did and is glad I did. They have updated the place and it is the place to be around those parts. There is something for everyone in the family to do. The Choctaw really did their thing with making it a family resort. I didn't win anything, but still enjoyed our visit. Restrooms are close by, self serve drinks are accessible, and attendants are prompt. Restaurants are plenty and there is variety on the choices of cuisine type. I love it and look forward to planning a non trucking family trip from Mississippi to the resort.