Safari Steakhouse Safari Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
"Allen Gottfried"
Poor Service, Small Portions and Wrong Temp Meat all-around. Most of the ratings you read on OpenTable must have been paid for by the steakhouse itself. This really was one of the worst and over-priced experience I have every had. I was with a party of 12 -- which is really nothing as I have worked in the industry in the past. The service was extremely slow and the food was nothing to rave about. I'm sorry when you spend $50+ on a fine steak it should be cooked 100% accurate and everyone at the table all did not receive accurately cooked steak. Honestly, how do you screw up a medium steak and let it come out well done -- and presentation should be pristine for this pricing. The braised short-rib, which was just okay, came out a sloppy mess on the plate. This is one place that really needs some re-training and someone checking the food before it leaves the kitchen for temp and presentation. This place should not be charging any more the $20 a plate with the garbage the served and don't think Mr. Trump would be very excited with quality either.