Ramiro Cabrera
Barcelo Bvaro Casino Barcelo Bvaro Casino
Punta Cana
"Ramiro Cabrera"
From check-in to check out, the reception employees were not very welcoming and/or even organized. We waited an hour past check in time because apparently they were fixing some lightbulbs that were not working in the room. This resort is completely disgusting!!! Walls are filthy and towels in the room are filthy and really rough on the skin. The most nastiest were the bed bugs on our bed. We were forced to sleep with mosquitoes every single night. Water bugs were in our room on a daily basis and bed sheets were dirty when we got to the room. Apparently, they are short staffed and the worker that cleans the room told us that she is working three complexes which are over 18 rooms. We were constantly harassed by workers to purchase items on the beach and on the hotel lobby. The food was plain disgusting!!!!! Bananas were rotten, bread were rotten. The friends I traveled with were ill for the days we were there due to the food. Lastly, we were robbed by the manager. Workers charged bottles of wine to our rooms when we never consumed any alcohol. The manager, short, husky chubby guy forced us to pay him $26 USD for drinks that we never consumed. They forged my signature claiming that I singed for the bill when apparently my signature was completely different from my legal documents. The manager refused to compare my signature with my legal documents and called security. After being forced to pay $26 dollars, he placed the money inside his pocket and walked away. This is truly a disgrace to the Dominican people. The level of integrity and lack of proper customer service in this resort is simply outrageous!! I highly recommended you not to stay in this disgusting place. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a better place.