Phillips Seafood Restaurant at the Playground Phillips Seafood Restaurant at the Playground
Restaurant @ Caesars Atlantic City
"danny miller"
My family and I went to this restaurant based on the recommendations of the local residents.We were really excited to enjoy this wonderful restaurant and the food they had to offer, as we approached the area to where they were located it was really impressive. So after waiting our turn to be seated my wife requested a table by the water to get the whole feeling of the atmosphere. So as we waited for the table to be cleaned, 20 minutes had gone by which after which we kindly got up and asked how long would it be, the greeter stated that she did not know where the bus person was to clean the table and said that it should be a few more minutes. So we waited another 10 minutes and got excited when we saw someone over there cleaning off what we thought was our table however to our dismay it was not, after 30 minutes still waiting for this one particular table whuch my wife really wanted to sit at still nothing, the greeter kept saying she did not know where the bus person was but where I'm from and how we are treated if there's no one there to do a particular job then the greeter who wasn't doing anything could have went over there and cleaned off the table. So as not to disappoint my wife because she really wanted some seafood we waited another 10 to 15 minutes still nothing the greeter is still looking for the bus person no manager around and we still haven't gotten our table, at this point I'm frustrated and wanted to see the manager, so imagine my frustration again when a lady walked up talking to the greeter and that lady walked off come to find out that was the manager the greeter never told the manager hey I cannot find a person to clean off the table to get these people seated. So my frustration level at this point was I just needed to let someone know how I felt and how disappointed I was. I think it was a very unfriendly, rude, unmanaged restaurant with no customer service protocol in place and if this is the way that they are treated in Atlantic City and the locals think this is what they view as a good and friendly establishment they should come to Virginia and we can show you how we do it down there. I feel as though if you are about to spend to the $200 to $300 in a restaurant I think you should kind of get what you want especially when there was nobody else in the restaurant. If I can give less than 1 star I would. I'm sure the owners would dissaprove of this.