Michael Collins
Cherokee Nation Outpost Tobacco Shop
Catoosa, Oklahoma
"Michael Collins"
Two things before I give you my review; I'm usually not a review kind of person and I've worked in hotels (everything from a Red Roof Inn to full service Marriott(s) to independently owned resort hotels). That being said, 99% of the time I give hotels the benefit-of-the-doubt. However, one of the worst experiences I've ever had at a major hotel. When I pay nearly $500.00 for a single night stay I expect at least full service. 1. Pulled up to valet my truck. None of the staff seemed overly excited to help and/or do their jobs efficiently. Took a good five minutes to even get a staffer to the truck. Had a case of beer in the back of my truck and the valet first asks for my ID and then says "Well Mr. Collins, we don't allow outside beverages in our hotel..." First of all don't use my name, we don't know one another and second, I'm fully aware of the rules even though paying $5.00 for a Bud Light seems a little outrageous. 2. I had called a number of day earlier to request some amenities be placed in our friends room since we were there for her birthday. The FD agent seemed confused by what I was asking and then transferred me to the supervisor. This person did not answer and I had to leave a message... never heard back from them, but thankfully it was done. 3. Had room service bring up some beers and at the end of the night I wanted a nightcap and a smoke. Had my beer in hand and was headed down to do as such when the security guy stops me and tells me that I can't have glass down there and then proceeded to take my beer? Really?! I bought the damn thing from the hotel. I mean come on... 4. Killed a cockroach in our bathroom the next morning. 5. Wanted to check my bags before brunch with the friends. Went to the desk and then they had to call someone else to do which took another five minutes. The hotel business is a "yes... and..." kinda deal. Staff should go out of their way to ensure the guests' satisfaction. I get that each person has their certain roles to play. But Jesus... This place was built for a certain kind of client. So if you're looking for full service at a full service price I would suggest looking elsewhere.